Biomedical Services

A trusted partner

IBR Biomedical Services offers clinical researchers blood and cellular products, advanced blood testing services, plus medical and regulatory consultation support. Our customers include diagnostic, cell therapy, and biopharma companies worldwide. Our goal is to meet the product and service needs of the medical device and emerging cellular therapy market with our expertise, quality, and customer service.

What we do

IBR Biomedical Services is here to assist your organization through products and services including:

  • Human cells and tissues (e.g., red blood cells, platelets, plasma, stem cells, and mononuclear cells) for research, manufacturing, device testing, product development, and clinical trials
  • Guidance on clinical cell therapy trial development and maintenance leading to successful FDA approval
  • Regulatory and Quality Systems consulting services for the tissue, cell therapy, and regenerative medicine industry
  • Dedicated laboratory space for performing necessary testing for clinical trials

What we offer

IBR Biomedical Services offers an array of customized blood and cellular products to meet the needs of clinical trials, device testing, and general research in the life sciences industry.

Blood and cellular products available:

  • Mononuclear cells
  • Plasma¬†
  • Whole blood
  • Packed red blood cells
  • Apheresis platelets

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